Video Submission and Sharing Sites in India 2021

Video Submission and Sharing Sites in India 2021

How to Identify Best Video Submission and Sharing Sites in India 2021?

Video submission and sharing websites allow users to share, watch, bookmark, download their video content on the web.

Video submission is one of the ways artists can show their talent by creating and posting entertaining and educational videos on video submission platforms. It increases the traffic to your video.

If you are looking for a list of the top video sharing & submission websites in India to prove your talent or create high authority backlinks to your web pages, you are at the right source. Yes. here I have listed popular video submission sites list to post your videos.

Here you will find the list of top free high authority and raking video submission and sharing websites in India. Before starting to video submission, we request you to read the entire article to know everything about video submission.

If you are posting your Videos on video submission sites then it becomes an effective method to drive leads, generate traffic, and grab quality backlinks.

Apart from that, you can create quality backlinks, greater brand awareness can be generated with video submissions.

Most Bloggers and digital marketers use YouTube for video submission. But there are other platforms is available to submit your video.

Most of the SEO folks and digital marketers are posting videos on different video submission and sharing platforms to generate leads for their business and to build high-quality backlinks to their websites.

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Top 30 Video Submission & Sharing Sites in India

What is Video Submission?

Video submission is the practice of post your high quality or high definition videos on video submission sites.

Video submission and video sharing are also part of digital marketing. There are many tools and software that are available to create high-quality videos.

Most of the webmasters and digital marketers are posting videos on different video sharing websites to generate leads and increase traffic for their business and to build quality backlinks.

Is Video Submission Helpful to Increase Traffic?

Is this question hitting your mind? Don’t worry, let me explain how video submission websites can help you to generate leads and build backlinks to your websites.

If you are sharing high-quality videos on video-sharing websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter then you can reach more audiences by using proper hashtags, labels, and descriptions on that video content.

If you are making a meaningful quality content video then you can turn most of the viewers into your customers in your industry. If you are not going to generate leads, you can build quality backlinks from these sites by posting videos.

How to Use Video Submission Sites?

While you are going to share or upload your high-quality original videos on video sharing websites or platforms, you must have to follow the following rules to get better results from the video-sharing websites and platforms. Follow the list here:

  • Post your videos with a minimum length of 5 minutes.
  • Try to create your videos at a minimum resolution of 1080p.
  • Write an optimized title, description, and hashtags to your video.
  • Include a similar article’s link to your web page in the description.
  • Never ever use copied or downloaded videos from other sources.
  • After publishing your video, share it on popular social media platforms.

Why Video Marketing is Necessary?

Always video content generates maximum conversion of your business. Because videos are providing the opportunity to engage people in your business. Most of the researchers say “70% of the online data traffic will get from videos.”

Why Video Content So Popular?

  • A single video is equal to millions of words.
  • People look ahead to the textual content as boring.
  • Videos explain the content with lively.
  • Videos explain the concept very simple manner.
  • It gives a better opportunity to share and get more visual.

Why is Video Submission Helpful in SEO?

Video submission is one of the top SEO off-page optimization techniques to build high-quality backlinks to your web page.

If you are starting to build a link-building campaign to your site then you can’t ignore the video submission platform to get a high authority backlink for your websites.

How Would You Market Your Video?

If you do not create a quality video then the submission will go waste. Here I am going to share strategies that will help you to make quality video content

  • Create videos relevant to blogs of your niche.
  • Send emails to the subscribers when you update a new video.
  • Embed your video Iframe cone on your website.
  • Share video links on your social media platform.
  • Post it on Reddit, Tumblr, Stumble upon, Scoop it, etc.
  • Bookmark your video link on high PR social bookmarking sites.
  • Share your video links on Trending platforms like share chat, Whatsapp, etc.

Benefits of Video Submission from an SEO Perspective

If you want to increase traffic and website ranking for your blogs and websites then I suggest video submission is one of the best SEO practices.

But the important thing is choosing the right video submission site to share your videos. Choose the video submission sites to have high PA, DA, Moz, and Alexa Rank.

  • Video submission sites can give more authoritative backlinks.
  • Video Submission is the best practice of off-page SEO.
  • Drive relevant traffic to your website.
  • People interest to watch videos 3-times better than the read posts.
  • Videos get viral immediately and generate quality backlinks.

Tips: Make sure to add a link to your website while you creating an account on a video submission site.

Types of Videos that have a Higher Engagement Ratio

If you want to get higher engagement on your videos then you should create a high-resolution video.

Here I have listed some popular types of videos that give you a higher engagement rate of your video on social media-

  • Make videos on a trending/controversial topic in your niche.
  • Make videos of Interviews with an expert in your industry.
  • Create Tutorials/solution offering videos.
  • Make Product review videos.

Let’s discuss the guidelines of how would you submit videos on high DA free video submission sites. These guidelines definitely will help you to how your video attain a better ranking over Google video, YouTube, and other video submission sites.

  • Use ranking keywords in your video title, description, and content.
  • Make a catchy title for your video, it gives better CTR.
  • Write a detailed description with appropriate keywords.
  • Use the proper hashtags in your video based on the niche.

What are the Top Video Submission Sites and Platforms in India?

Now, I am going to share a link to the top video submission & sharing sites platforms in India. By using those sites you can generate leads and build high authority backlinks to your websites.

All the websites listed below have high domain authority and bring traffic. So, these sites can help you to increase the traffic of your website, improve the domain authority, and increase lead generation, and backlink graph.

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I hope explained everything about how to post the video on a video submission and sharing sites, usage of video submission, and its benefits.

These sites will help you increase your organic traffic, lead generation, and backlinks graph to your websites in 2021.

If you are an SEO beginner and want to generate quality backlinks to your website then I suggest you read our on-page optimization and off-page optimization articles.

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