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Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore​


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Learn all about advanced digital marketing techniques with live projects through our practical digital marketing training at Digital Vishnu Academy. Our Internet Marketing Course syllabus will help you to apply the digital marketing strategy to any business and get the profits of any business. We provide 100% practical training on the following digital marketing modules SEO, PPC, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and much more. Enroll now to become a successful Digital Marketer. Entry as a fresher. Exit as professional.


Why Should You Learn Digital Marketing Courses in Coimbatore?

Everyone knows that the Digital Marketing profession is booming nowadays. So we started Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore for working professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Job seekers, Marketers, Media people, Banking sectors, and College students.


Most of the business peoples are searching digital marketing course in all search engine to learn it and apply to their own business. Digital Vishnu Academy offers a huge opportunity to that kind of people to learn this course with hands on experience.


Internet Marketing is the best platform to promote any business products or services online to reach more audience when compared with traditional marketing. So business owners expect experienced digital marketers to bring up their business to the next level.


Hence, Digital marketer’s needs are increasing day by day. With this in mind, we started an digital Marketing training in Coimbatore with an advanced Modules.


Learn Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore

Digital Marketing Course Modules Covered

SEO Course

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization," which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It has two types of optimization: on-page and off-page optimization. In our SEO Training Course in Coimbatore, you can learn how do keyword research and how do proper on page, off page and technical SEO.

SEM Course

Google Ads is Google's online paid advertising program. Through Google Ads, you can create online ads through various networks, such as display networks, search networks, to reach people exactly when they're interested in the products and services that you offer. In our SEM Course in Coimbatore, you can learn all of the Google Ads tactics.

SMM Course

Social media marketing is one of the digital marketing modules that uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to connect with your target audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive traffic to your website. In our SMM Course Training in Coimbatore, you can learn how to run a paid campaign on different social media platforms.

Email Marketing Course

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing modules that helps to cover how email marketing works, how to send bulk mails, what tools are involved in email marketing, and how to create email marketing templates. Through our email marketing course, you can reach your target audience and sell your business's product or service in an effective manner.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Course is another digital marketing module that helps to cover various mobile marketing practices like how to run ads on mobile apps, how to reach a mobile audience topic.


ORM(Online Reputation Management) is another digital marketing module that helps to address any negative or false comments, you actively monitor mentions of your brand on websites and social media.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing Course is one of the digital marketing strategies it is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's or company's products. we cover various affiliate models and practices.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is a technique that helps to measure and analysis of data, how to measure or track the visitors coming from various channels, devices and it inform an understanding of user behavior across web pages.

Paid Digital Marketing Tools

We teach you how to use the following popular 20+ Digital Marketing industry-leading tools in our digital marketing course in coimbatore program by leading digital marketing experts. The following digital marketing tools help you to gain analytical skills about your business product or service in market. We are giving the training to learn these tools and how to apply to the real-time project as free in our course.

Google Analytics
creator studio
search console
mail chimp
Youtube Marketing
Google tag manager
facebook business suite
facebook ads manager
google keyword planner
google my business
google trends
linkedin ads
quora business
tweet deck

Why Should I Choose Digital Vishnu Academy?

Choose ‘Digital Vishnu Academy’ for a transformative digital marketing course in Coimbatore. As the digital realm evolves, staying updated is crucial. Our academy prides itself on a curriculum that’s current, comprehensive, and catered to real-world application. With experienced trainers, hands-on projects, and a legacy of successful alumni, we ensure you’re not just learning, but evolving into a digital marketing maven. Let us be your gateway to mastering the digital pulse of today and tomorrow.

How to Become A Successful digital marketer
  • You can learn the fundamentals of digital marketing such as what it is and why it matters, the differences between tradition and digital marketing, how to utilize digital marketing to boost sales, case studies on digital marketing tactics, and so on.
  • You can learn web design without using code includes understanding the many aspects of a website, website design, and development, as well as knowing how to create the page, post, add content, install and activate plugins, and incorporate design components in a WordPress and blogger website.
  • You can learn SEO skills that helps how to rank your website on top and what are all the strategies followed as SEO on-page, Off-page, technical SEO strategies.
  • You can understand Search Engine Marketing through how to create search engine campaigns like text ads, image ads, video ads, shopping ads, mobile app ads produce ad copy and creatives and understand SEM terminologies like Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Impression (CPI), and others.
  • You can learn the fundamentals of branding your website on popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn through social media optimization and increase the more followers to your business by organic way.
  • You can understand Social Media Marketing through how to create social media campaigns like brand awareness ads, Reach ads, Lead generation ads, conversion ads produce ad copy and creatives and understand SMM terminologies like adset, budget, click, Impression, and others.
  • You can learn about Web remarketing and Email Marketing and how to collect audience information and use it for remarketing.

Are They Professionally Experts in Digital Marketing in Coimbatore?

Digital Marketing Trainer Profile_

Digital Marketing Trainer Profile

  • The trainer is an industry expert with over seven years of expertise leading live digital marketing projects.
  • He has Certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
  • He has unique skills in the field of digital marketing and SEO.
  • He blends a strong technical understanding with a highly analytical approach to his job.
  • There are over 1000+ students (classroom, online, and corporate training) who have received a 4.9/ 5 rating under Digital Vishnu’s leadership and supervision.
  • The digital marketing instructors primarily focus on job-oriented training to assist students in obtaining positions in top firms.
  • Students will also participate in knowledge induction and skill development programs to improve their proficiency.
  • Tutors will also offer career advice, placement advice, and other services to help students advance in their careers.
Digital Vishnu Google Reviews

Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore

Two years of experience in Digital marketers can expect a 6 digit salary. Hence, Many institutes are providing this course and charging around 30 to 40 thousand as course fee. But we offers digital marketing training at an affordable price in Coimbatore.


Many institutes fail to provide practical knowledge about digital marketing courses to the students and hence the students are not able to get the job after completing the course.


Hence all these things in mind, We have started our Digital Vishnu Academy in Coimbatore. We are providing the best quality and practical oriented Digital Marketing Training to college students, working professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs at a very affordable price.


Generally, peoples think that there is a misunderstanding that if the fees are less then quality might be less. But I challenge you to research anywhere in Coimbatore you won’t get the quality of digital marketing training that of Digital Vishnu Academy.


If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing training in Coimbatore, don’t hesitate to call us now. Most Institutes are failed to provide practical oriented training. But we are unique when compare with them. We provide live project based training.

Best Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore

Highlights of Digital Vishnu Academy

Digital Vishnu instructor

Learn From Industry Experts

Learn advanced digital marketing with 10+-year industry experts. They handled many digital marketing projects. So, you can get practical experience from them.


100% Practical Training

We provide 100% practical-oriented digital marketing training. Our Training helps you understand the digital marketing concept better and execute it on your projects easily.

Instructor-led Training

We are offering an online digital marketing course to working professionals, college students, and business owners. Charging affordable fees.

daily task

Daily Task

We provide you with daily tasks based on what you learned in the digital marketing class. It helps to understand the concept very strongly.


5+ Certifications

At the end of the course, you can get a Digital Marketing Course Completion Certificate with Google Ads and Facebook Ads Certifications.


Internship Opportunity

Once you have successfully completed digital marketing courses at our institute, we offer a free Internship program.

doubt session

Doubt Sessions

We provide 24/7 support to clarify your doubts. If your doubts are clarified instantly, it helps to understand the concept very easily. You can call or email to solve your query.


Backup Recorded Videos

We have over 300+ recorded digital marketing course training videos. It helps to know the digital marketing concepts when you have missed the class.

Live Project

When you take a course at our institute, we provide many live projects to give you real-time experience. You gain more practical knowledge while working on live projects.


Placement Assistant

When you learn Digital Marketing Course either online or classroom in our institute we provide 100% Placement assistance. so that you can grab a perfect digital marketing job.

Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore Fees

Get your geek on with the best of Coimbatore’s tech scene! The city, long celebrated for its robust marketplaces and industry, is now engaging in a digital revolution. The revolutionary “Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore” is the driving force behind these changes.


In light of the profusion of online education opportunities, you may be wondering what sets the offerings in Coimbatore apart. One obvious reason is the course’s emphasis on both theoretical study and hands-on experience. The courses have been carefully crafted to fit the needs of the modern digital landscape, giving aspiring digital campaign managers the skills they need to succeed in their careers.


Many aspiring marketers, however, are worried about being able to afford the required Digital marketing course fees. The exciting news is that institutions in Coimbatore have created teaching plans that strike a good balance between cost-effectiveness and value. They recognize that value is contingent not only on price but also on the quality of instruction received.


We are charging advanced digital marketing course fees for classroom training or online training is 25,000 and you can pay that amount in 3 installments. In this course fee, you will be getting advanced course training with live project, printed course materials, recorded videos, 5 Google ads certifications, and a 1-course completion certificate from our institute.

Digital marketing course fees

We help you become a professional digital marketer. Once you become a successful marketer, you can promote your business with high profit, change your career to earn more money, start an agency, and earn a six-figure salary.

Digital Marketing Course Near Me

There are some great digital marketing courses near you. If you are keen to learn digital marketing, boost your business online then you need to choose right digital marketing course.


The skillset required for mastering digital marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s a good idea if you’re serious about your career to earn a relevant certification. The courses are taught by industry experts and lead to potential job placements too.


You can choose from courses that focus on SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web design. Our certification will help you stand out in a highly competitive industry.


Digital marketing is one of the most important things in marketing and it continues to grow. Training for digital marketing is hard to find but here are some programs near you that you can attend.


When you are searching for digital marketing courses near me, digital marketing training near me in any search engines, all are displays some good institutes. You can verify that institute and learn digital marketing course.

digital marketing course near me

Take Your Career to New Heights with the Digital Vishnu Academy!

Future tech experts, listen up! Are you looking for a place that will not only teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing but also help you feel prepared to enter the workforce? If you’re looking for a top-notch institute in Coimbatore, look no further than Digital Vishnu Academy. 


The digital marketing course with placement in Coimbatore is now available. Our digital marketing course in Coimbatore is the gateway to a bright and beautiful digital future, not some generic training program. Students are prepared to enter the competitive digital arena by being immersed in a curriculum that combines theoretical grounding with exposure to cutting-edge methods and real-world problems.


But the trip doesn’t end there! Finding a satisfying job after completing a course of study is just as important to many people as the course itself. The faculty at Digital Vishnu Academy understands the importance of this. Because of this, we guarantee not only a first-rate education but also an easy transition into the working world via an unparalleled placement program.


Listen up, all you tech-obsessed geeks: your wildest dreams are becoming reality. Digital Vishnu Academy’s digital marketing course with placement in Coimbatore, we say, will turn such dreams into dazzling realities. Jump in, soak up some knowledge, and watch your digital adventure blossom.

digital marketing course with placement in Coimbatore

Job Opportunity in Digital Marketing Industry

seo analyst

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts can earn around Rs 2–2.50 lakh per annum. Professionals with over 5-7 years of experience can earn around Rs 4–7 lakh per annum.

ppc analyst

PPC Analyst

PPC analysts can earn around Rs 2–2.80 lakh per annum. Professionals with over 4–6 years of experience can earn around Rs 4–7.50 lakh per annum.

content marketing

Content Marketing Executive

A content marketer can earn around INR 3–4.70 lakh per annum. Professionals with over 4–5 years of experience can earn around Rs 6–8 lakh per annum.

digital marketing executive

Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive can earn around Rs. 250,000 per month. Professionals with over 5–7 years of experience can earn around Rs 8–9 lakh per annum.

social media analyst

Social Media Analyst

Social media analyst can earn around Rs 2.50–3.70 lakh per annum. Professionals with over 4–6 years of experience can earn around Rs 6–8.50 lakh per annum.

free lancer

Freelance Digital Marketer

Freelancer can earn around Rs 4–5.30 lakh per annum. An experienced person with over 4 to 5 years of experience can earn around Rs 8 to 10 lakh per annum.

We Provide Digital Marketing Courses to professionals, college students, and business owners. So people from any location can join in our Digital Marketing Training Course in Coimbatore

Digital Marketing Course Certifications

We are offering 5+1 Digital Marketing Course Certifications when you take online digital marketing course training or classroom training. These certificates are very useful when you are going to attend digital marketing-related interviews. Especially Google Ads, Facebook Ads certificates help you to interviewer know about how you are strong in Ads knowledge. 

digital vishnu
Digital Marketing Course Completion Certificate
Digital Marketing Internship Certificate

Digital Marketing Course Videos

Dive into the world of digital marketing with our course videos. Our curated video content, designed by industry experts, offers deep insights into the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Whether you’re a beginner or expert, our videos will enrich your knowledge, providing practical strategies and the latest trends. From SEO techniques to Email Marketing, every topic is covered comprehensively.


We have recorded more than 100 Advanced Digital Marketing Course Training Videos to which you will be given lifetime access.

In your convenient free timings, you can watch the concepts and practice digital marketing strategy through our videos.

Digital Marketing Course Institute in Coimbatore - Class
Play Video about Digital Marketing Course Institute in Coimbatore - Class

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Training

Step up your digital knowledge with Digital Vishnu Academy’s advanced course modules. Our lessons are designed for people interested in entering more deeply into the digital world and cover the more technical aspects of today’s advertising approaches. We go further beyond the fundamentals and look at advanced methods and resources that are essential for modern digital specialists. Our course material includes the latest on the edge of digital innovation, from advanced SEO strategies to statistical analysis. If you want to be at the top of your field, you must choose us to learn all the ins and outs of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course Online

Yes, Coimbatore! A city that has made a name for itself in the textile industry, the arts, and, most recently, the digital knowledge economy. The Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore is a game-changer for the modern marketer, providing access to previously inaccessible channels.


However, here’s the catch! Many Coimbatore-based educational institutions have taken advantage of the fundamental digital nature of the modern world by introducing an online digital marketing course. True enough. Experience the excitement of navigating SEO paths, content production problems, and PPC riddles without leaving the comfort of your home.


The convenience of taking a digital marketing course online lies in the fact that you may study at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about time limits or constraint to a classroom. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to study at your own level, which will help you recall instead of simply memorize information.


The educational institutions in Coimbatore also make sure that the online courses they offer aren’t just a bunch of boring theory by include things like case studies, live projects, and interactive webinars that really bring the material to life.


Digital Vishnu Academy’s Digital marketing course Online is the solution you’ve been looking for if you want to break into the digital marketing world and find the ideal balance between adaptability and depth. Jump in and ride the digital wave to prosperity!

Digital marketing course Online

Digital Marketing in Coimbatore

If you’re looking for a place to learn about digital marketing course in Coimbatore, go no further than the renowned Digital Vishnu Academy. Located in the center of Coimbatore, this institute is blazing a trail for the next generation of digital marketers.


Suppose you were transported to a world where originality was not just welcomed, but cheered. In which cutting-edge techniques and time-tested ideas come together to form an exquisite display of marketing genius. We provide this for its students. Every facet of Digital Marketing in Coimbatore is intended to be covered by the academy’s comprehensive curriculum.


The course covers a lot of ground, from pay-per-click (PPC) and content marketing to the mysterious world of search engine optimization (SEO). The students are not only instructed but also coached to become fearless innovators in the online world. The academy’s focus on hands-on training guarantees that its scholars are fluent in both theory and practice.


Coimbatore’s diverse business landscape makes it an ideal location for Digital Marketing campaigns. The future of digital marketing in Coimbatore is bright, thanks in large part to the efforts of organizations like Digital Vishnu Academy. This is the starting point for individuals who want to reach the peak of digital success.

digital marketing in coimbatore

Digital Marketing Course in Tamil

Coimbatore, a city with an economic boom and an innovative mentality, has become a center for digital marketing. Coimbatore has been quick to take advantage of the many opportunities presented by the development of the digital age. But the Digital marketing courses in Tamil is what really sets this city apart from the rest.


In the context of digital marketing in Coimbatore, language, which is usually a barrier, has been turned into a bridge. The Digital marketing course in Tamil promotes not only acceptance but also appreciation of language variety. The combination of traditional wisdom and Modern methodology is both rare and fruitful.


Instead of just translating English terms into Tamil, the course frames them to ensure a richer, more in-depth knowledge. The Digital marketing course in Tamil provides a complicated, locally-grounded look at everything from SEO strategy understanding to creating interesting content strategies.


Opportunities are numerous, and the digital marketing courses in Coimbatore are more than simply a means to an end; they are a living testimony to the city’s vibrant culture. Digital marketing is the future of advertising; jump headfirst into a course in Tamil and help shape it with your original ideas and viewpoints.

digital marketing course in Tamil

Digital Vishnu Academy Testimonials

After my graduation, I was confused about choosing my career. My friends are suggesting digital marketing courses and Jobs. But I thought the course fee would be too much. I was searching for a digital marketing course in Coimbatore on the internet, and I got Digital Vishnu Academy details. I inquired with them and attended a demo class. I was really satisfied with his demo, and I joined the course at Digital Vishnu Academy. Now I am working as a Freelancer.
Indhumathi R
If you want to learn digital marketing without any doubt, I recommend Digital Vishnu Academy. Because the trainer provided the course training, it was really good. He always insists on the current market scenario in online marketing, and he did make me understand how to optimally utilize this platform to make money as a Freelancer. He delivered every class with practical training.
Deva Arjunan
Deva Arjunan
It’s a very extensive course for both students and working professionals, as well as for business people. The trainer (Moovendran) is a very talented person, and he shared his digital marketing knowledge with me through a live project. I strongly suggest, without doubt, that you take digital marketing training here. Because you can't find a mentor like Mr. Moovendran.
Navin Senthilkumar
Digital Vishnu Academy offers the best digital marketing courses in Coimbatore. I took a digital marketing course here. It was really a wonderful experience learning here and practically implementing all the things learned for overall development. The way he taught was very nice, and I got advanced digital marketing knowledge from him. I highly recommend Digital Vishnu Academy to those who aspire to become digital marketing experts in the future.
Abhejeeth Singh
Digital Vishnu Academy is the best place to learn digital marketing. Because the way the mentor explained the topics is too good. He also gave me a real-time project to work on for a while; it helped me a lot. Whenever I had a doubt, he explained it perfectly. From the demo class to the end of the course, he explained all the concepts practically. He is the best mentor ever. I am really happy to choose Digital Vishnu Academy.
Muppala Nikhil Reddy
The method of explaining digital marketing concepts was good. The trainer explained every module with live projects so that I could easily understand the concept. He can clarify my doubts at any time. Hence, I got an answer to my query instantly. I gained in-depth knowledge in every module by taking tests in each module. I recommend Digital Vishnu Academy as the best Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore.
L2L Marketer

Digital Vishnu Academy Branches in Coimbatore

FAQ's about Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore

Has the question, which is the greatest digital marketing course, ever crossed your mind? Digital Vishnu Academy in Coimbatore is the last destination. The curriculum at this guiding light is infused with cutting-edge methods. This is more than just a class; it’s an adventure into the world of computers. Digital Vishnu Academy’s carefully crafted training programs do more than teach. Take advantage of the top of internet advertising expertise right now!


In light of the constantly growing digital field, many people are starting to wonder, How much does a digital marketing course cost? Coimbatore’s Digital Vishnu Academy stands out as a model institution since it offers high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Dive into a course load that’s heavy on innovative methods and out-there ideas. The institution goes beyond conventional education to provide concrete advantages to its students. Join Digital Vishnu Academy and put money where your digital future is.


One of the most pressing questions that arises when navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing is, Which course is best for digital marketing jobs? The digital marketing program at the Digital Vishnu Academy is renowned worldwide as a model of quality. It’s more than just education; the curriculum strikes a balance between cutting-edge methods and extremely fine understanding. Our Digital marketing course is the best option for individuals seeking to advance their careers in the digital sector. Jump in and show your digital prowess to the world!

In Coimbatore, you’ll find Digital Vishnu Academy, which mission is to answer the question Which subject is for digital marketing? in the context of the enormous digital universe. This stronghold of knowledge, with its challenging curriculum, gets to the heart of the matter. The academy provides an in-depth look at topics essential for modern digital proficiency, combining innovative techniques with distracting digital foundations. Start your educational path in digital knowledge at Digital Vishnu Academy.

College students, business owners, working professionals and job seekers. Marketing professionals. Advertising executives. Brand managers. Product managers. Sales and business development Executives. Entrepreneurs. Housewives. Affiliate marketers. E-commerce professionals. Freelancers.

Yes. 100% You will get a job opportunity after completing this course. Because Digital Marketing is a new technology launched worldwide. There are so many job openings available but the students who trained in Digital Marketing are very few. Now everybody is using the internet, so the demand for Internet Marketing has been Increased rapidly. Jobs available in the following streams Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, E-mail Marketing, PPC Advertising.

Digital marketing is a fast-growing technology as compare to any other business industry. We are continuously monitoring how E-commerce companies earning money by selling their products online. So if a person enters in Digital marketing career then they can start to earn his salary by 15 k per month, after getting the 1-year experience they will get minimum 40k salary.

You can earn money through blogging, youtube, and affiliate marketing. If you want to earn more money online then you don’t require any educational qualification. Anyone have minimum internet browsing knowledge then they can learn this course and start to earn money online. Many of our institute students are earning an average of 10$ per day through Adsense by Blogging and YouTube.

The average salary package for complete digital marketing professionals is INR 2.5 lacks per annum. If they have 2 to 3 years of experience in the digital marketing industry then they can expect an 8 -12 Lakh salary package.

There are no pre-requisites required to learn digital marketing course. But, if you want to attain full-time employment in this field, you must be a graduate (in any stream). The Digital Marketing field is the only field that does not require any designing knowledge, programming knowledge. But if you have good strategy skills that will help you to understand the digital marketing course in a better way.

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