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Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy With 100% Job

Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy With 100% Job

Digital Vishnu – Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

Are you searching for the best digital marketing course in Ganapathy? yes, you are in right place. Digital Vishnu Academy provide Artificial Intelligence tools-based digital marketing courses in Ganapathy for the past 7 years which help many people to get full knowledge and skills in the world of digital marketing. We give you the whole world of digital marketing with full product training.

Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy - Advanced Digital Marketing Course

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting or selling products or services to customers using digital means. These channels include websites, online classifieds, online reviews, and social media. These channels are constantly changing and adapting to trends in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Our digital marketing course will give you in-depth knowledge of how to promote business products or services online using digital marketing tools. You will learn how they can be used together or separately to promote products or services. It includes SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, etc.

digital marketing course in ganapathy

The main objective of the digital marketing course Ganapathy will be to help you in improving your digital marketing skill with promotional business products or services. So that customers need not move from one channel to another channel, from one website to another website trying to reach their audience.

Why Should Learn Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

This course is popular because of its relatively low cost and cutting edge. Most digital marketing institutes take this course in 3 weeks or 4 weeks. But Digital Vishnu Academy has extended the course by 12 weeks with a free internship.

Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy - Artificial Intelligence tools based Digital Marketing Courses

This digital marketing course is popular because it has been a part of the curriculum for more than 10 years. Traditionally all students who were attending Ganapathy were not only trained but also tested to see if they have acquired the skills and aptitude required to be in the digital marketing field. The course was designed so that only those who are interested to promote any kind of business product or service online should enroll in it.

Are you looking for a live project-based digital marketing course in ganapathy? Feel free to contact +91 – 9600231980

This course was founded by Mr. Moovendran, Digital Vishnu Academy who himself is a certified digital marketing professional (CMCP) and contributed a large portion of the curriculum. The name of this institute is ‘Digital Vishnu Academy’, which indicates that it has been considered to be among the best digital marketing course in Ganapathy.

What all are included in Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

The course will be taught by the senior member of digital marketing whose company is currently the most sought-after digital marketing course institute in Coimbatore. He will be teaching some of the newbies how to get started and increase the traffic for your business sites online. The training is for those who are looking for work or looking to start their own business.

Digital marketing training in ganapathy

Digital Marketing is the process in which one can get more traffic to their site, while at the same time increasing their profits. The course will be taught in the most professional way possible so that everyone would know how to become a successful digital marketer.

What Topics are included in Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

Digital Vishnu Academy teaches the following course modules with live projects

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Search Engine Marketing

3. Social Media Optimization

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Email Marketing

6. Content Writing

7. Web design

8. Local SEO

9. Digital Marketing Free and Paid Tools, etc.,

What Skills are required to learn Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

There is no need for any software skills to learn a digital marketing course. But if you have the following skills then it will be added advantage for you.

Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy - Internship based Digital Marketing Course

Creative Thinking: They are going to need a lot of creativity and problem identification skills. This is necessary for any online business because anything can go wrong at any point in time, which requires them to think quickly about solving the problem.

Moderate English Proficiency: Students will have to practice their writing skills in English as well as in Tamil for communication purposes with their clients when required. Thus good proficiency in both languages would be preferred though not mandatory.

Educated Background: It is essential that students should be educated at the previous college level. This is so that they can understand the process of business, decision making, and its effect on their profit.

How should one prepare for the Digital Marketing course in Ganapathy?

Students must have a good understanding of computers and the Internet. This is essential because they will be writing a lot of queries and conducting research in the course. So they must be able to get the most effective answers from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. They must also have a good understanding of marketing as well as finance fundamentals to understand how they can effectively use their marketing efforts to increase their profits online.

Students may have a good understanding of computer programming languages like HTML and be able to speak on websites and understand how web analytics works.

The ability to write well in terms of grammar, word usage, and sentence structure is important. They will have to write papers for their clients as well as for their own company and it’s essential that they are able to communicate effectively.

How to apply for Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

Log on to the Digital Vishnu website and click on the Enroll Now button, then fill up all your details and directly upload your course detail under the message column.

Are you confused to choose the right institute to learn digital marketing course in ganapathy? Feel free to call us +91 – 9600231980

You will receive a phone call from the trainer to attend the free demo class. After attending the free demo class you can join the digital marketing course class online or offline.

Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy - Job based Digital Marketing Course

Once you joined our class then you can get digital marketing training with live projects to boost your digital marketing skills with Digital Vishnu Academy.

What is the duration of the Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

Generally in our online digital marketing course, the duration is of 12 weeks, but due to overwhelming responses from students, we are planning to extend it by 14 weeks and are allowing only 4 – 5 students each batch. Because we care about each student who has joined our digital marketing course training in Ganapathy.

What all does the Digital Marketing Course cost

Our digital marketing course will vary from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 30,000. Our course fee is based on the level of the course. This course fee includes the certificate and course material and internship.

Digital Marketing Course Fees in Ganapathy 

Course NameDigital Marketing Course
EligibilityGraduation from Any stream, Third and Final year college students, Working professionals, Housewives, People who want to change their career, Business Owners.
Course durationThree Months
Course Fee15000 to 35,000
CertificateGoogle Ads certificate, Digital Marketing Course Certificate
Starting salary offered by the companies18000 – 25000
Digital Marketing Course ModulesSEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Google My Business, Affiliate Marketing, Web design.
Employment opportunitiesDigital Marketing Trainee, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Social Media Marketing Expert

The average digital marketing course fees in Coimbatore are listed below. But the Course fee varies depending upon their services. 

Individual Digital Marketing Course Module Fees in Coimbatore

ModulesMinimum (INR)Maximum (INR)
Digital Marketing Course1500030000
Search Engine Optimization Course1000015000
Search Engine Marketing Training500010000
Social Media Optimization Course50008000
Social Media Marketing Training500010000
Google Search Console Training30005000
Google Analytics Training30005000
Email Marketing Training500010000
Affiliate Marketing Training30005000
Google Ad-sense Training30005000

Where is Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathye

The details are as under:

Name of the Institute: Digital Vishnu Academy (Regd.) Address: No.64, Sindhamani Nagar, Vasantham Nagar opposite, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641035 Phone Number: +91-9600231980 Email id: Website:

Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy - Online Digital Marketing Course

How to contact for Digital Marketing Course

You can reach out to the trainers by calling them on their mobile numbers or by emailing them at and he will get back to you as soon as they are free.

What is the future scope of the Digital Marketing Course?

The scope of this course is immense because the world has gone digital and there’s no looking back from the new generation. Every company will require digital marketing skills so that it can reach out to a larger audience and increase its profits.

What is the job scope of the Digital Marketing Course in Ganapathy

Students who complete digital marketing course in Ganapathy are skilled enough to go into the corporate world and start their own businesses by working as a freelancer. At present, the demand for online marketing is so high that even students can open up their own companies and get clients from all over the world. They can also offer freelance services to earn a huge profit from customers across the globe.

Which is the best digital marketing training institute in Ganapathy

The best digital marketing training institute in Ganapathy is Digital Vishnu Academy. The courses offered by Digital Vishnu are led by and trained by industry experts. In these courses, you will learn through real-world projects and case studies that help you see the value of digital marketing.

Why All Digital Marketing Training Institutes Are Not Equal?

As a leading professional institute providing courses in Digital Marketing, Digital Vishnu Academy knows every inch of every market they have served; that’s because they know what college students need to succeed back at home or in their jobs at large. You will learn everything you need to know about digital marketing from the comfort of your home.

Digital Vishnu Academy offers Digital Marketing Training in Ganapathy

DVA is a leading provider of Digital Marketing Training in Ganapathy. That’s because it teaches digital marketing using real-world projects and case studies, and not just classroom lectures. You will learn on the job by using market-ready tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress, among others. The learning outcomes are tested at the end of each course and then graded based on how well you mastered the chosen field.

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