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Digital Vishnu is the best Email Marketing Course in Coimbatore. Email has emerged as the most important way for people to connect. In fact, it is estimated that will be sending approximately 1 billion emails daily by 2021. Email marketing is an effort to get your message in front of a potential customer’s inbox before they are able to find your website or purchase your product or service. Student starts email and personalizes their own email templates but doesn’t know how to use email marketing software? No problem, this Email Marketing course will show you the latest in engaging and profitable ways to send out personalized messages that convert into orders. Email marketing software is highly effective in creating automated programs to drive traffic and sales. Email marketing software can help you capture leads, build relationships and increase customer engagement. You will learn the techniques of email marketing fundamentals, list management, A/B testing, drip campaigns and result tracking that are essential when using email marketing software to create high converting emails.

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Industry Recognized Email Marketing Course Certification from Digital Vishnu

The Email Marketing Course certificate is a certificate that will be offered by the Digital Vishnu, Coimbatore. The course modules are taught by more than 6+ years of Email Marketing experts and will take about 2 hours to complete. The certificate is designed to make students competent in issues email marketing campaigns, create mail lists, design professional email templates and create autoresponder emails.

Email Marketing Course Certificate

Why Should Learn Email Marketing Course in Coimbatore?

  1. Catch the attention of your customers.
  2. Curate and market your products to the right audience.
  3. Create a sense of urgency, which can convert prospects into clients.
  4. Ensures customers receive information that is relevant and timely.
  5. Brings prospects and customers together in a more efficient manner.
  6. Strengthens relationships with existing customers, making them more loyal to you.
  7. Creates a personal connection to your brand that is more appealing.
  8. Personalizes your email content, which is important for customer retention and customer loyalty. 
  9. Increases the likelihood of your message being read by the recipient, therefore increasing response rates on your email content/signup/lead generation forms.
  10. Links are in most emails so they may be clicked on once or twice by prospects and customers (SEO).
  11. Enables the sender to have discretion over what happens to emails once they are sent.
  12. Allows the sender to send personalized emails.
  13. Can be customized so multiple messages can be sent from one email address/alias.
Why Should learn Email Marketing Course in Coimbatore

Syllabus of Email Marketing Course in Coimbatore

Module 1: Introduction to Email Marketing
  • What is Email Marketing
  • Why use Email Marketing
  • How to use Email Marketing
  • What are the different types of Emails
  • How to use a Professional Email Marketing Service
  • Blueprint of Email Marketing
  • Why learn Email Marketing
  • Importance of Advertising Industry
  • Difference Between Email Marketing and Advertising?
Module 2: Email Marketing Process
  • How to Plan our Email Campaign
  • What is Email Marketing Funnel
  • What is an Opt-in email
  • What is Double-Opt in
  • What is a Broadcast email
  • What is the Auto Responder email
  • How to Setting up Email Campaigns
Module 3: Email Marketing Tools
  • What is Email Marketing Tools
  • What are all the Free Email Marketing Tools
  • What are all the paid Email Marketing Tools
  • How to use Email Marketing Tools
  • List out the Features of Good Email Marketing Tools
  • How to Choosing the right Email Marketing Tools
Module 4: Email Marketing Tool: MailChimp
  • MailChimp Basics
  • Features MailChimp
  • Email Automation Tool Overview
  • How to Use MailChimp
  • How to use Premium MailChimp
Module 5: How to Create Professional Landing pages
  • Design and construction
  • Completion, testing and sending emails
  • Creating bulk emailing campaign by the tool
  • Advanced Tracking Segments
  • Tips for Email Campaign
Module 6: Avoid Spam Violates
  • Guidelines for CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Tips to send emails directly to the inbox instead of the spam/promotion folder
  • Latest email marketing software’s list
  • Implementing A/B testing to increase ROI

Best Email Marketing Training in Coimbatore

Digital Vishnu is the Best Email Marketing Training in Coimbatore. They are providing the training you about how to promoting your business product or service through email tools by using paid advertising.

The difference between email marketing and written marketing is that email marketing has the ability to target your ideal customers. This is in contrast to written marketing, which only reaches a general audience.

It allows you to tailor your message and content for a specific target market, which can be more effective at generating sales than a mass-produced message.

Some people say that email marketing is dead, but this isn’t true. Email marketing is just as viable today as it ever was. What’s changed is that marketers need to be more creative in how they use email to drive sales.

When you’re considering an email strategy, you need to look at your prospect’s journey on their path to purchase a product or service of yours.

If you can market and sell directly to your prospect at every stage of the buyer’s journey, when they are most open to hearing from you and thinking about purchasing your product or service, then you will have a much better chance of making the sale in the end.

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