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Web Stories

What is web story

Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen web content format that lets you tap or swipe through stories. You can consume content by tapping or swiping through Web Stories. The world’s most popular search engine like Google supports Web Stories. If you prepare your stories properly, google displays them in Google Search and Discover.

Where do google web stories appear

Carousel on Google Discover: Web Stories can appear in the form of a carousel near the top of the feed on Android and iOS via the latest Google app. Carousel types of stories are available in the following counties like United States, India, and Brazil. The Web Stories carousel in this example is geared toward lifestyle content.

Benefits of Web stories

It can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)

In the form of the all-new Google Web Stories, Google has announced a path to rank first in Google search results. Using Google Web Services can help your business rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs), even securing first place in the images, application, and discover section.

Your stories appear directly in search results, attracting the most eyeballs across the web.

Google Web Story was created with mobile websites in mind. It is similar to Instagram stories in that it allows marketers to create and add stories directly to their WordPress websites without the use of any additional applications. Instead of remaining confined to an application, as was the case with traditional “Stories” on Instagram, content created with AMP is placed on search results and is ready to be viewed by millions across the web.

The Content Is Shareable

Web stories enable us to create content as easily as possible from a technical standpoint, while also providing users with a consistent user interface controls that facilitate content sharing. If you make your Web Story as 30 words of related and meaningful content that users can easily share. Furthermore, the content is technically very simple and simple to create.

The loading time is shorter.

Google Web Stories load at breakneck speeds, allowing users to stay engaged for extended periods. The chances of sales conversions increase as one stays connected with their audiences for a longer period and continues to entertain or serve them with snackable/informational pieces of content.

Web Stories Can Be Monetized

Google Web Stories are among the more traditional methods of reaching out to your existing readers or visitors. It gives publishers the ability to monetize their content through full-screen immersive ads and affiliate links. It is beneficial not only to publishers but also to advertisers. Advertisers can reach their target audience with a new and modern storytelling experience and convert them into paying customers by optimizing their personalized experiences via Google Web Stories.

The following web stories help to understand the digital marketing concepts very easily. All the stories are created as short video that help to teach the concept very clear manner.


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