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SEO Course Training in Coimbatore

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SEO Course Training in Coimbatore

Best SEO Course Training in Coimbatore

SEO Course Training in Coimbatore

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website position on top of the search engine results page (SERP). In other words, SEO is generating traffic to our website in an organic way instead of promoting your website and getting traffic through the paid methods.  

We are offering practical-oriented SEO Course Training in Coimbatore with expert trainers. So if you want to attend an SEO Demo class then you may call this number +91- 9600231980 and enroll your details today. SEO is one of the most powerful techniques which is used to generate online traffic it helps to generate new customers for the company.

There are various important techniques are involved in SEO like keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization or link building, and reports management. So, In our SEO Course Training Institute, we create you as a master in all the concepts and create you as capable of doing the live SEO projects. 

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SEO Training in Coimbatore

Digital Vishnu Institute is one of the best and top SEO course training institutes in Coimbatore, offering SEO training in Coimbatore for the past years in a successful manner. We offer comprehensive SEO Course Training in Coimbatore with Live Practical’s onsite Project training in our institute is a highly added advantage when compared with other institutes.  

We are updating our SEO Course curriculum with the recent updates in the search engines. Each topic of SEO will be discussed in a detailed manner with one practical example of the implementation to make sure that every student will be able to understand the topic in the very easiest manner. If you attend a Demo class session then you will see our training methodology and faculty experience. 

SEO Course Training Syllabus

Digital Marketing and SEO Basics

  • What is mean by Digital Marketing?
  • What are all the Digital marketing channels?
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing and what is the difference between them?
  • Difference between SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM
  • What are all Benefits of SEO?
  • How does Search Engine work? What are all the process over there?
  • What is the Google Search Architecture
  • What is mean by SERP and Search Operators?
  • What are all the Search engine algorithm updates?
  • List out Google algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, Pigeon, Rank brain, Fred update?

WordPress CMS Basics

  • What is mean by WordPress and why its use?
  • How does WordPress Installation on Server?
  • How do we change the Default Settings in WP?
  • How to Install and customize the WP themes?
  • What is Content management in WP?
  • How to Create categories, pages, and posts in WP?
  • How to add the menu to the WP website?
  • How to add the widgets to the WP website?
  • How to Install the useful SEO plugins for the WP site?
  • What are all the SEO specific plugins?

Google Search Console

  • What is mean by Google Search Console?
  • How does Website Verification using GSC?
  • How does Setting a Geo-target location?
  • What is Search Analytics?
  • How does the Advanced Search Query analysis?
  • How to take External Links Reports?
  • How to take the Internal Links Report?
  • How to measure Crawls stats and Errors
  • How to enable Sitemaps?
  • How to insert Robots.txt?
  • How to remove Links?
  • What is mean by HTML Suggestions and URL Parameters?

Keywords Research and Analysis

  • What is mean by Keyword Research? How to do it?
  • What are the benefits of Keyword Research in SEO?
  • What is mean by Keywords in SEO and its types?
  • What are all the Keyword Research Methodology there?
  • What is mean by Google Keyword Planner Tool? How to handle it?
  • Advanced Keyword Planning guide
  • What are all the Paid Keyword Tools there?
  • How do we know Keyword generation ideas in SEO?
  • What is mean by Competition Analysis? How to do it?
  • What are all the Competitor Metrics?
  • How to Finalize the Keywords List?
  • Practical case study about Keyword Research

On-page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization (Link Building)

Reports and Management

  • How to do Website Position Analysis?
  • How to take Website Monthly Reports?
  • How to take Google Analytics Reports?
  • How to take Search Console Keyword Reports?
  • How to take Link Building Reports?
  • How to take Competitor Reports?
  • What are all the Paid Tools for monitoring SEO campaigns?

Live SEO Project

  • How to make Client requirement analysis?
  • How to do Keyword Research?
  • How does make On-page implementation?
  • How to do Link building process?
  • How to take Reports?

Website Monetization 

  • How does Adsense Work?
  • What is Adsense Guidelines?
  • What is the Website ideas for online earning?
  • How to Understand the Adsense dashboard?
  • What are all the different types of payment models (CPC and CPM)?
  • What is mean by Ad Formats and its type?
  • How to choose correct ad formats for the website?
  • How to select a proper profitable niche?
  • How to Track multiple websites with channels?
  • How to Integration of Adsense with Youtube Channel?
  • How to Linke Adsense with Analytics?
  • What are all the Other Ad Networks there?
  • What is Affiliate marketing?
  • What are all the affiliate marketing networks there?

Why Join in our SEO Program?

  • In our Institute Our SEO Trainer has 8+ Years of Experience in the Digital Marketing and SEO field.
  • Provide WordPress CMS for site development.
  • Learn about how to make money online with a website.
  • Providing Backup Videos if you miss any sessions.
  • Provide Live Project Exposure with the live website of our client.
  • Providing practical oriented training.
  • Providing 100% Placement Assistance.
  • Deliver the training as per 100% Real-time Standards.
  • Providing Online SEO Training across the globe.

What to expect after the SEO Course?

  • After you finish the SEO course, you can able to implement that in your real-time projects.
  • You can get a job as an SEO Professional with our placement assistance.
  • You can start your career as a Freelancer and generate income online.
  • You can create your own websites and start earning with AdSense and other networks.

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How To Choose Best SEO Course Training Institute in Coimbatore?

When you choose an SEO training institute, pay attention to a few details, and carefully choose the best institute that can offer quality training and practice. Here are some tips to choose the best SEO training institute for you:

Who is your SEO trainer?

When it comes to training on SEO and Digital Marketing, the brand name of the training institute hardly matters. What is more important is, the expertise of your trainer. So, first, ask who will be teaching search engine techniques in the training program.

Look for his online profiles like the Facebook page, LinkedIn Page, etc. Since SEO and Digital Marketing is all about promoting products or services on the internet, the trainer should definitely have an active online identity.

By looking at their online profiles, you will be able to figure out how popular they are, how many people are following them and you can even find out their online expertise.

So, it is very important to review the experience of the trainer on Google Reviews before you choose an SEO training institute. I am running an SEO training center in Coimbatore under the brand name Digital Vishnu.

How Well the SEO Training Institutes Rank in Google for Their Primary Keywords

SEO is nothing but helping websites to rank better in search results like Google Search. So, obviously, someone teaching how to rank well in search results should be able to demonstrate the same for their own websites, right? Take a look at their website and then search in Google for their primary business keywords.

For example, if you are looking for SEO training in an institute in Coimbatore, the website of the SEO training institute should show up in the top 3 search results when you search for the term “SEO training institutes in Coimbatore”.

If the website of a training center is displayed in top search results in Google, it is a good indication that the people over there know their own business. (This may not be always true. It is possible that a training center can hire another professional SEO company and get their website ranked higher in search results.)

How Long They Have Been in the Training Business

Even though everyone was new in the business when they started, it is better you avoid the new institutes just because they haven’t established any credibility yet.

However, this may not be always true. Sometimes SEO experts who have been professionally doing search engine optimization may decide to launch a training institute. In such cases, just because his institute is a new one, it does not mean it is not a good option to choose for your training needs.

Read Testimonials From Past Trainees

If there is any way you can contact some of the past trainees, that would be the best way to evaluate an SEO Course Training Institute. Sometimes, the institutes may have listed the contact information of some of their past trainees.

Try to contact them directly and ask their opinion about the institute. Don’t just trust the opinion of one or two people, but try to contact as many people as possible. If you don’t want to contact them directly, try to search for the testimonials on Google.

Many people would start their own blog after attending any SEO training courses and I am sure at least some of them would publish their experience at the SEO training institute. If a majority of them recommend the place, go for it.

Training Fees

Some SEO training centers charge very high fees claiming they offer the best SEO training in town. I looked at the SEO training fees in some of the training centers in Coimbatore.

Some of them offer very reasonable rates (Rs 7,000 to Rs 15,00 for a 1-week course) but some others charge extraordinarily high fees like Rs 25,000 for a 1-week course.

Even though the fees can vary significantly depending on the quality of the courses and duration, however, anything more than Rs 2,000 per day seems to be too high to select.

Digital Vishnu charges Rs 18,000 for a full month of comprehensive training, which is a very reasonable fee for the high-quality training you can avail of.

SEO Course Training Institutes in Coimbatore

I will be offering SEO training to a limited number of people in the Coimbatore, Madurai, Theni, Erode area. The reason I am accepting only a limited number of people for the training is, it is not a primary business for me. I am a professional Digital Marketer and have been running very popular websites like www. digitalvishnu. in

I have been running blogs and websites and I am currently one of the busiest professional bloggers in India with more websites in my hand for SEO. I offer SEO training in Coimbatore out of passion and only to the people who are really keen on learning search engine optimization strategies.

I do charge a fee for my time and efforts, but more than that, I do make sure the attendees are really interested and skilled to perform well as a blogger or SEO specialist.

Our office is located in Coimbatore, near Gandhipuram. It is a small office and can accommodate only a few people. I will take a maximum of 3 trainees in each batch to ensure I can accommodate everyone within the limited space and also offer quality training.

Our Approach

Our strategy is completely different from other typical training institutes. While most of the other SEO training institutes in Coimbatore offer typical classroom training as well as online training, we offer more practical training with extensive hands-on training in real-world search engine marketing scenarios.

If you are accepted into our training program, we will assign you to one of our SEO client projects under the leadership of a senior SEO strategist. You will be working as an SEO person under the guidance of your senior.

We will assign you daily tasks and will guide you to successfully complete each micro-tasks. Throughout the training period, you will be guided by the SEO expert. You are always welcome to meet other senior SEO experts on our team and get help when you need it.

Occasionally, we will have classroom sessions by the experts who will be delivering sessions on various topics.

Duration of the SEO training program in Coimbatore

Since we don’t have traditional classroom teaching, you have complete flexibility on joining the program, subject to the availability of seats.

The program is for 1 month but we don’t kick out our trainees after 1 month. You are welcome to stay back with us as long as you want and continue learning. Once you feel confident in doing the tasks yourself without the help of a senior, you are welcome to approach us for a paid internship.

We will absorb our trainees as paid interns who will be independently working on client projects and we will offer a stipend depending on your productivity level.

Typically, a paid internship lasts for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, we will absorb our interns as digital marketing strategists, provided you meet our expectations. Even if you don’t want to join our team, there are plenty of other opportunities with other SEO companies.

We will be happy to help you get a placement with other SEO companies in the Coimbatore area and other parts of Coimbatore.

SEO Training Course Fees

Our training fees are one of the lowest in the industry. The primary reason for offering the training at a relatively low fee is, we are not a typical training institute. Our primary goal is to build a good workforce in the SEO segment so that we can hire the best candidates for our SEO company.

Fee for the 1-month program: fees for our SEO training in Coimbatore is Rs 10,000/-.

We do allow our trainees to extend the training beyond one month without any additional fees. If you join our SEO training in Coimbatore by paying Rs 15,000, you will be allowed to continue with us as long as you wish or until you get a job.

If you are looking for training in SEO and Internet Marketing, please give me a call to discuss further. If you are from other places, I can help you with homestay/lodge accommodation near our office.

In addition to the training, we are offering SEO services to websites from India and abroad. If you are looking for the best SEO companies in Coimbatore, feel free to contact us for a free site audit report.

The SEO Course fee is one of the major constraints to choose the best SEO course training institute in Coimbatore. Because middle-class people always thinking about who will give SEO courses for the lowest price.

If anyone provides SEO Course Training for the lowest price then they choose that service they don’t think about whether it’s good or bad.

Few of them search SEO Course fees related questions on Google and Quora sites. But the real thing is what they mentioned course fees in that answers will vary depends upon their reputation.

The SEO course fees always vary with the quality of training provided by the SEO Course training institute. So the better thing is don’t go for high range course fees collected training institute and low range fee collected training institute.

Here I have mentioned the average SEO course fees for each and every SEO course technique. Course fees vary depends upon the individual SEO course module.

List of Top SEO Course Training Institute in Coimbatore

There are many SEO Course training institutes are offering SEO Courses at an affordable price and best. Here I am going to list out the Top 25 SEO Course Training Institute in Coimbatore.

Before you are going to learn SEO Course first you select the right institute. You should check institution growth, teaching methodology, and course fees.

  1. Digital Vishnu
  2. SGS Media-Soft & Traffic Crow Academy
  3. Knowledge
  4. Vibes Academy
  5. Digital Branding
  6. Q Tree Technologies
  7. Pro Plus Academy
  8. IPCS Digital
  9. Learning Dude
  10. Kambaa Academy
  11. Traffic Integration
  12. PG Softwares
  13. Kamala Technologies
  14. Spectrum Digital Infocom
  15. CodeBind Technologies
  16. Rich SEO
  17. Ether Services
  18. Appin Coimbatore
  19. Glim Technologies
  20. Areva Digital
  21. iClass Coimbatore training
  22. SkillShare Solution
  23. Elysium Academy
  24. DigiPerform
  25. Sriwebeo
  26. IPCS

List of Top 30 SEO Company in Coimbatore

Many digital marketing companies are service SEO Services to their clients in Coimbatore. Here I am going to list out the Top 30 SEO Service Providing Companies. Their nature of work is to get the project from their clients and apply SEO techniques. Once they fulfill their client’s requirements they hand over the projects to them.

  1. Digital Vishnu
  2. QRI Tech Park
  3. MindMade
  4. Creative Point
  5. Webnox Technologies
  6. Infinity Digital
  7. Lessburn
  8. DigitalAtrium
  9. Fibroin
  10. Mi Media Labs
  11. RK Info
  12. Google Promotion Company
  13. Websome
  14. UDI
  15. Zeboto
  16. Soft Loft
  17. Redback
  18. Admonk
  19. My WebMaster
  20. IRepute
  21. Rindir
  22. Two stones
  23. Nxweb
  24. Webzschema
  25. Skanda
  26. Third law
  27. Digital Gateway
  28. Search Rewards
  29. Infinix
  30. White Brothers

Are You Looking for SEO Course Training in Coimbatore Near Me?

Always people’s mindset is to get admission to the nearest SEO Course training institute. But remember the truth is the quality of training is directly proportional to your course trainer’s knowledge and not based on your convenience.

Hence if you are going to start learning SEO course training from a quality trainer then Online training is a smart choice. Suppose If you are from different locations of Coimbatore and looking forward to learning online marketing techniques then choosing online sessions is a great choice.

People are coming from any of these following areas in Coimbatore you can connect with Digital Vishnu SEO Course Training.

Kavundampalayam,  Sidhapudur, Chinnavedampatti, Press Colony, Vadamadurai, Kanuvai, KNG Pudur,  Ponnairajapuram,Thudiyalur, Vellakinar, Bharathi Nagar, Sivanandhapuram, Rathinapuri, Tatabad, Sivananda Colony.

Town Hall, Gandhipuram, Ramnagar, Sukrawarpettai, R.S Puram, Saibaba Colony, Venkatapuram,  Race Course, Gopalapuram, Puliakulam,  Avarampalayam, P.N Palayam,Ukkadam, Sundakkamuthur, Selvapuram, NGGO Colony, Podanur.

Kottaimedu(Fort), Karumukadai, Sundarapuram, Kurchi, Eachanari, Chettipalayam, Vellalore, Kuniyamuthur, Sugunapuram,  Nanjundapuram, Ramnathapuram, Ondipudur, Singanallur, Varadarajapuram, Peelamedu, Meena Estate, Udayampalayam.

Nehru Nagar, Vilankurichi, Ganapathy, Cheranmanagar, Nallampalayam, Gandhimanagar, Chinniampalayam, Sowripalayam, G.V Residency, Uppilipalayam, Kovaipudur, Perur, Vadavalli, Thondamuthur, Veerakeralam.

When people are searching for SEO Course Training near me in Google we are coming on top of the Google Map Results. So nearby students are inquiry about my institute and coming to join our institute to learn an SEO course.

SEO Course Training Sample Interview

SEO Course Training sample interview video will help to test your skill before going to attend SEO Jobs. It gives more confidence to how to answer SEO-related interview questions in the company.

SEO Course Training Online Quiz Test

SEO Course Training Online Quiz Test will help to test your SEO skill before going to attend an SEO Jobs interview. It gives more confidence to how to answer SEO-related interview questions in the company.

Attend Online Quiz Test: SEO Course Quiz Test


I hope the information shared in this blog post will help you to choose the Best SEO Course Training Institute in Coimbatore. Even though if you have any doubts or confusion to choose the right SEO Course Training in Coimbatore then you can call or Whatsapp to this number +91-9600231980.

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