What is Back link in SEO?

What is Backlink in SEO

In this article, we will discuss What is Backlink in SEO? And what is Link in SEO?. Because the link is playing a major role in search engine optimization. It is one of the on-page optimization factors or elements. If you are not making a proper link that will affect your website rank. Let us discuss it.

What is Back link in SEO

Before we are going to discuss backlinks first we should know what is the link?. Generally, a link means to make the relationship between two things. In SEO, Link is represented as making or building the relationship between two pages or posts or websites is called links. Links can be divided into three types.

Types of Links:

1. Internal Link

  • Build or make links within your website or link from one post/page to another post/page.
  • Make an internal link that will be in your hand i.e., you can control it.
Internal links

2. Outbound Link

  • Build or make links with other websites.
  • Make outbound links also in your hand.
Outbound Link

3. Incoming or backlinks or Inbound Link

  • Get links from other websites to your website.
  • Getting backlink is not in our hands.
Type of Links

Definition of Backlinks

It is defined as getting Link from other websites to your website is also called Backlink. If you get a backlink from a quality website then your website is also considered as a quality. So automatically your website rank will improve. Getting a number of backlinks are not an important thing. Getting Quality backlinks is also a very important thing.




In the above article, we clearly understand What is Backlink in SEO? And what is Link in SEO?. I hope this guide will help you to know about the internal links, outbound links, and backlinks.


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