Top 100+ Article Submission Sites for SEO – Updated

Top 100+ Article Submission Sites for SEO – Updated

Article Submission Sites for SEO

Article Submission Sites for SEO

SEO article submission sites help improve rankings in search engines by providing a way for journalists, bloggers, business owners and other content creators to get their articles ranked highly in search engine results. One of the main ways is through the creation of unique content that has not already been written before. This approach is perfect for those in search engine marketing, who are looking to promote their business, website or brand.

Free SEO Article Submission Sites

Many people struggle with the idea of having to pay for writing an article that they can submit on any online platform. There are many free article submission sites that people use to ensure they get traffic and a chance to have their content within the top rankings. Basically, Article Submission of SEO submission sites helps to increase traffic to your site, brand awareness, backlinks, domain authority.

What are the Benefits of Using Free Article Submission Sites?

People often think that they will lose out on a chance to have their content go above and beyond the top rankings. Many site owners use article submission to ensure that their sites gain extra traffic. This infographic highlights how many article submissions sites there are, as well as describing in detail the process of having your article ranked in site search results.

What Is Article Submission In SEO?

Article Submission is the process of submitting a relevant article to a website for publishing. This process is also known as “Publishing”, which is a term used by the publishing industry. The websites with article submissions are very high up on the search engine ranking for particular keywords that they are focusing. In other words, if you submit articles to popular websites, chances of getting your website ranked higher on search engines and obtaining more traffic from google are much higher.

This is very important when it comes to attracting readership and revenue from advertisements. The more people view your website, the more are the chances of making money out of it. Also, the article submissions give you an authority from search engines and higher rankings.

A few years ago, search engines started recognizing articles on certain websites as a sign of that website’s popularity and trustworthiness. As per their algorithm, if an article on any particular topic was published on many various websites, it could be easily assumed that all those websites must have been created by a particular person who knows all about that topic.

Article submission marketing is a process to boost your business online by attracting more traffic to your website. You can publish articles on any particular topic in various article directories, with a proper structure and link building.

Article Submission helps you build your credibility and authority as a well-known expert in the field of your business. By means of getting published on high-ranking websites, you would be able to get noticed easier by Google and other search engines.

What are the Best Article Submission Sites for SEO?

Whatever your preference for submission sites, you should ensure that the website you are submitting to is popular and will be a good place for people to find your content.

This is because even if you submit to the best article submission sites for SEO, people may still not find your content.

Because there are many articles submitted to various article submission sites to compete for the same space and it is a tough competition, in some cases they have had to exclude some excellent articles.

In order to make sure that your article gets noticed, it will be more effective if you submit it in multiple places.

And to make sure that it is not rejected, you should ensure that your article complies with the rules and regulations of the submission site.

How to Do Article Submission in SEO

Submission Strategy:

For article submission, you can join a relevant online forum, ask your friends or neighbors for referrals to articles with good SEO and no external links. You can also search on Google or other search engines for article submission sites that share the information you need to submit your own articles.

Article Submission Tactics:

When submitting articles, you can follow several tactics. First, find relevant forums and blogs related to your industry and make a list of keywords associated with your industry. Then use these keywords in forum and blog-post titles to attract potential viewers. When submitting the article or comments, including at least 1 keyword in the title field to increase the chance of other viewers clicking on it.

Is Article Submission Good for SEO

Yes, article submission is good for SEO. It’s not just about the content on the article but also the keywords it contains and where it gets published. The truth is, most people are skeptical of the benefits of article submission. But what if I told you that there are many articles, including by top bloggers and publishers, which prove that article has nothing to do with a website’s content ranking?

Benefits of the Article Submission in SEO

Article submission is good for SEO and there are many benefits of submitting articles. The major benefits include increased traffic to a website, branded content, new opportunities in the industry, links pointing back to the website, increased domain authority and more. All you need to do is submit your articles on high-quality websites or blogs that are related to your industry.

Drawbacks of the Article Submission in SEO

The drawbacks of article submission are that it will not get you any links from website content. It also does not help you increase your domain authority. The major drawback is that most websites do not accept any external submissions and the ones that do may ask for a payment or sometimes even a reciprocal link. Therefore, I recommend you check how to submit articles to various websites first before submitting your articles to high-quality websites.

Why We do Article Submission in SEO?

Most website owners do the article submission for the following benefits.

  • To get the maximum exposure.
  • To increase visibility with more readers and potential customers.
  • To build relationships and loyalty with new customers that will keep them coming back again and again because they know you are providing valuable information.
  • To get free targeted traffic from search engines to your website or blog.
  • To connect with people that you wouldn’t normally connect with within your industry and form new relationships that can be beneficial to increase traffic.
  • To strengthen online support and backlinks to your site, which is important for search engine optimization purposes and also beneficial for sites that are competing against you for ranking positions.

Article Submission SEO

Article Submission SEO helps us to get more traffic and earn more money. Article submission is a way to promote your website on the internet ad makes it popular. Article submission is one of the best methods for promoting websites because it is free and can work effectively when done right.

One of the most effective ways to submit articles, especially for beginners, is through article directories. Another method is using article directories and submitting the article to forums. Also, submit articles to other sites that provide online classified advertisements; this information has proven to be important for beginners.

How to Submit Articles for SEO

Many people like to write articles, blogs, and other types of content for various websites or publications. If you want to get your name out there and increase your readership, the best thing you can do is submit a well-thought-out article to an established website.

But before submitting an article, make sure it’s following these guidelines:

1) Make sure the site allows guest submissions. This is usually shown on their website homepage somewhere in the contact section or in their “About Us” section.

2) Research the site. Don’t just submit an article simply because you like it. How popular is the site? Is there a wide range of topics being discussed? How long has the site been around?

3) Write your article, and give it to an editor to check over. Keep in mind that most articles are edited before they go live, so make sure you don’t have any mistakes. Also, give it a good run-over before submitting it.

4) Give up your rights to the article. Make sure this is clearly stated in the body of your article for potential readers to know. There are numerous sites that offer a money-back guarantee if the article has been plagiarized or not, so it is best to make sure you do this step before submitting your work.

5) Submit the article! This is one of the most important parts of writing an article. Don’t skip this step!

(If you are an experienced writer, you can skip parts 2-5, and if you are not so experienced, it might be best to go through them first.)

6) After the article is published on a site, always check back on the site. Find out how your article has been received by the users of the website. Look at how many views it’s gotten and think about what improvements you can make for your next submission.

Submit Articles Online

SEO submit article is always the best among all. Submit your article here to see if it is the right venue for your article. Do you need an article submission website? Here are some articles that will help you get started on your blog, website, or online magazine. If you want to know what else to do with a blog post, check this out.

Article submission is a strategy that we would recommend for all bloggers. Submit articles online to search engine friendly, highly cited article sites to increase your blog traffic, improve your blog or website search engine rankings and to build online authority. To see what the #1 article site looks like, visit EzineArticles

Article Submission SEO

The following top 10 websites are the best top article submission sites for SEO. These free article submission sites for seo having high DA, PA and PR sites.











Article Submission for SEO

Article Submission sites

Begin with a few sentences about what the article is about. Include a brief overview of the article’s contents. Explain why readers should care about this article and spend their time reading it.

Article Submission is an important part of SEO, as it will keep your site at the top of search engine rankings. Article submission services work by finding sites with high traffic or popularity on which to post your own articles in exchange for them linking to your site. To achieve the best success, you need an article submission service that includes a variety of sites and has a solid track record of success. It is often said that “content is king” in search engine optimization, and this is where content links come into play. And the more content links you get back to your site from other sites, the better your search engine rankings will be.

Article Submission Sites SEO

Article submission sites are a way for SEO practitioners to optimize their website listings on the internet. While there are many sites that offer article submission for a fee, the most popular ones are free and can be found at,, and Feedly.

These three websites offer a variety of article submission options as well as the ability to track their statistics with analytics. For example, if you submit your article to PRWeb using their RSS feed they will include it on their site along with your social media icons so that readers can follow you on your different social media networks.

Article submission helps to boost traffic to your website by allowing you to get your articles indexed on the web with some frequency. Additionally, you will be able to target your articles towards certain keywords and see where they are being ranked.

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