Top 50+ Best Free SEO Tools List

Top 50+ Best Free SEO Tools List

What Are the Top 50+ Best Free SEO Tools List?

The following Free SEO Tools list are used to help to solve your search engine optimization troubles and used to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. Suppose if you want to use all the quality of SEO equipment in one place then this is the right place.

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I have tested and reviewed more than one hundred fifty free and paid SEO tools. Most of the tools are working well and give results exactly. The rest of them are not working properly. Here I have filtered all the working SEO tools to help for your website optimization.

Without SEO Tools we can improve SEO activity. But it will take a long time. So here listed SEO Tools provide a complete solution for SEO. It will check Unique Content, Back Links,  Proper Meta Tags, Keyword position, Title Generation, and so on. So these tools are helpful to SEO on-page and off-page practices.

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Plagiarism Checker Website

  • Copy the Content and paste it into the plagiarism checker tool.
  • Type the captcha or confirm I am not a Robot checkbox.
  • In just a few seconds, the plagiarism checker tool will provide you the detailed information.
  •  If your content is unique then it will show 100 % unique content. otherwise, you will get information about how many lines are duplicated and from where these are copied information.

Structured Data Testing Site

  • Go to the Schema Markup Generator website (JSON-LD).
  • Select the proper schema markup for your website.
  • Fill up all the required data.
  • Copy the Schema code.
  • Paste it on the Google Structure data testing tool.
  • If there is no error then you can paste it on the required webpage or post.

Image Compressing Site

  • Compressed image used on the website is best practice.
  • Select one or bulk image to want to compress.
  • Paste it on an image compressing website.
  • Select file size wants to compress (don’t exceed 100kb).
  • Compress and download the selected images.
  • Compare file size and quality of the images.

SERP Preview Site

  • Go to Google SERP Preview Tool.
  • Type Page Title and check how many characters are typed and check pixel.
  • It will display the exact title that will appear on SERP.
  • Suppose if you type more than characters then it will display how your title, description, and URL character truncate.

DA PA Checker Tool

  • If you want to check bulk website domain authority and page authority and other metrics you can use the DA PA checker tool.
  • Put the copied bulk websites in the DA PA checker tool one by one.
  • Click I am not a Robot check box.
  • Click the Go Fetch button then it will give DA PA for all websites.
  • It helps in the link building process.

Backlink Checker Tool

  • Backlink means a link coming from another website to your website.
  • Based on the number of backlinks your website domain authority, page authority, and page rank will be assigned.
  • If you want to check how many backlinks your competitors have then you can use the backlink checker tool.
  • It gives an idea about backlinks strategy.
  • It will give an approximate count. not an exact count.

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