Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

This Is Why Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketing And SEO Is So Famous!

In this article, we will learn about top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO. The following fantastic Chrome extensions that will help you improve the efficiency and usability of your website right inside your browser.

1. Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Headline Studio by CoSchedule is a Chrome extension that assists digital marketers in optimizing their headlines to maximize traffic.


1. To enhance SEO, analyze headlines and recommend better terms and phrases.
2. Determine whether the headlines outperform or underperform in comparison to competitor headlines.
3. Develop their header writing skills and deliver high-quality, intriguing headlines that stand out from the crowd regularly.

Price: Free of cost

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2. SEO Pro Extension

SEO Pro Extension

The SEO Pro Extension is intended to quickly analyze website properties to provide a clear overview of SEO data, as well as suggestions on how to boost SERP (search engine results page) rankings.


1. Determine which areas of your website lack complete SEO information, such as images without ALT tags.
2. Evaluate your competitors’ websites for ideas about how to optimize your website in the sense of your specific industry.

Price: Free of cost

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3. Buffer Extension

Buffer Extension

Buffer is a forum that makes it easy to share your brand’s social media content.


1. Invents a simple method for sharing selected posts when you come across them.

Price: Free, Pro at $15 a month, Premium at $65 a month, Business at $99 a month

4. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Understanding SEO is one of the most critical content marketing skills, and with Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, even inexperienced users can start optimizing for search engines like a pro.


1. Collecting information about top-ranking search results.
2. Provides a comprehensive, streamlined rundown to expedite SEO-related edits and improvements.
3. Include the following information about a page:

  • The title and the summary
  • The canonical URL.
  • The desire to crawl.
  • Headers and sub headers are used.
  • Count the words.
  • Tags for social media.

Price: Free of cost (requires a free account)

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5. Moz Bar Extension

Moz Bar Extension

It is an on-page SEO toolbar designed to accelerate your team’s research process, especially when analyzing links.

It’s also useful for strategic rating intelligence on words you’re thinking about using. Mozb Bar allows you to retrieve SEO metrics for any website with a single click.


1. When searching for external links, consider page authority and domain authority.
2. Highlight keywords on every website to see how the rivals are using them.
3. Sort links on any website by whether they are followed, no-followed, external, or internal.
4. Save the SERPs analysis to a separate tab.

Price: Free of cost (requires a free account)

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6. Grammarly Extension

Grammarly Extension

It is beneficial to marketing authors who want to improve their writing and sound more professional. When it comes to editing, it is one of the best Chrome plugins for digital marketing. Grammarly will tighten up your writing style and help you say exactly what you mean, whether you’re writing blog posts or landing pages (or even personal emails).


With Grammarly’s free edition, you’ll get suggestions related to:

  1. Correct spelling.
  2. The rules of grammar.
  3. Punctuation is important.
  4. The ability to be descriptive.
  5. With Grammarly Premium, you’ll gain more insight from suggestions related to:
  • Tone. Clarity.
  • Plagiarism is a type of plagiarism.
  • Word selection.
  • Formality is essential.

Price: Premium is $29.95 a month and is available for free.

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7. Keywords Everywhere Extension

Keywords Everywhere Extension

Keyword Everywhere Tool is a keyword suggestion tool. It helps to show you monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.

  1. Analysis of search volume.
  2. Cost-per-click (CPC) data for keywords
  3. Knowledge about the competition
  4. Analysis of trends.

Price: The free edition contains extra data and keyword variation in search; otherwise, it is priced based on credit usage ā€” $10 for the most basic package, which includes 100,000 credits (or 100,000 keywords)

8. Cloud App Extension

Cloud App Extension

CloudApp provides one-click screen recording to help the team share information more efficiently.

Have you found something useful? Capture it directly from your browser and share it with the appropriate colleagues.

Without switching to another tool, you can easily annotate screenshots and images.

Price: Free, $9.95/month for Pro

9. Bitly Extension

Bitly Extension

As any frequent social media user is aware, using hyperlinks in your tweets or posts can be unsightly and a waste of valuable character space.

The Bitly Chrome extension allows you to quickly shorten any URL and share it with a single click.

The new Bitly shortlink you make will be automatically copied to your clipboard, allowing you to move on quickly.

For additional marketing advantages, you can configure links with UTM tags and custom branded domains.

Price: Free, $29/month for Basic, $199/month for Premium

10. Snippet Extension

Snippet Extension

The snippet is a Chrome plugin that can help digital marketers with a range of tasks. Content marketers, in particular, should highlight text snippets on the web as a convenient reference point for source material while writing content.


1. highlighting headlines for news that will be read later or the summary of a course or webinar that will be watched later.
2. sync Kindle highlights, which is particularly useful if you read a lot of books that inspire your marketing strategy.

Price: Free, with a pro version available for $24.99 per year.


I hope the above discussed top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO will help you for your business. The best Chrome extensions for digital marketing simplify your life and work. These helpful tools will help you speed up your research and even better your writing.

Do you have a favorite digital marketing Chrome extension that we forgot about? Please leave a comment here.

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