How Create Effective Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

How Create Effective Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Should Create Effective Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

According to a ‘Managing Digital Marketing’ study 46 % of the business, they don’t have to follow the proper digital marketing strategy. Only 16 % of businesses follow the proper digital marketing strategy.

So the thing is if you don’t have a proper strategy then how can you expect to grow and innovate, to measure meaningful results, and to learn from past mistakes? It is a time to plan that can pack a powerful punch.

Here I have mentioned How to Create Effective Successful Digital Marketing Strategy that can contain the most important steps that will help you take to ensure that your digital marketing efforts create a real impact on your bottom line.

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How to Create Effective Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy

Before we are going to implement Digital Marketing Strategy to anyone client website or business first we should create a marketing strategy. That marketing strategy will help you to boost your client business or website on top rank in the easiest manner. Let us consider here I am going to take one third party website is

Before we are going to take a project, first we should understand what kind of website is that. In this case, I am taking my third party website is providing pest control service in India. The domain name of that website is ended with .in. So they are providing service across in India.

Many tools are available to do an SEO audit. Here I am going to analyzing that third party website by one SEO audit tool named SEO quake. It is one of the Google Chrome extension tools which helps to give the simple audit report that will help us to easily understand their past website performance.

From the SEO quake audit report will know about how this website is performing? how many pages have been indexed? What is the age of the domain? For what keyword is the website getting traffic? What is the Alexa rank of the website?

Alexa rank means it is a global rank provided by amazon company. They provide the rank based on the website traffic. They provide worldwide rank and local rank based on your website performance. If you get less than 5 lakh that’s good actually.

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Steps to be followed to do SEO Audit

Step 1: Download and install the SEO quake chrome browser extension. 

Step-2: Open the third party website on any browser. 

Step -3: Click the SEO quake google chrome extension on chrome browser. It will show how many pages are indexed on Google, Bing, what is the Alexa rank of that website and website age information. 

Step-4: Click on Alexa rank. It will show what are all the top keywords they are ranking. In this case, that website didn’t rank for no keywords and even brand name also they didn’t rank.

In my second case, I would like to take another website and show it for what keyword they are ranking. The second website name is This website ranked by more keywords and it has Alexa rank below 2lakh worldwide and it has 12k rank in countrywide.

Step-5: You can check the total number of backlinks under Page Info category. 

Step-6: You can check the worldwide rank and country rank for your website. 

Step-7: you can check the bounce rate also. Bounce rate means a visitor comes to your website and they visit only one page but not visit, the remaining pages mean the bounce rate will be high.

How to check on-page elements

If you right click your mouse on empty space of any place on the website and click the view source option then you can check the title, description, keywords of the website very easily.

An alternate way to find the title, description, and keywords of the website is to click the SEO quake of the corresponding website and see the information under the page info section.

Check the content-length. If the content-length is very small then we can insist on them to write content in length manner.

Check whether the website is designed by either WordPress or PHP or HTML. We can check it by the WP theme detector or simply click any one page then it shows domain name extension as HTML or PHP.

If the website was designed by WordPress we can easily rank by adding more plugin. If the website was designed by other languages like HTML or PHP then we give more importance to off-page optimization techniques.

The success of the SEO depends on on-page optimization like do proper keyword research and deliver proper title, description, and lengthy content. Do proper off-page optimization.

If you do proper on-page optimization then 70% of SEO will finish then the remaining 30% is off-page optimization.

File name optimization is one of the major SEO on-page optimization techniques.
The easy way to get more traffic is to participate in the Quora platform.

Because Quora are one of the leading forum websites where you can participate and search your nice related questions and provide the best answer for your nice related questions. By that, you can direct the visitors to visit your website.

How to check on-page elements

  • If you want to get consist of traffic then do proper SEO.
  • First, you should check whether the website is in HTML or PHP or WordPress.
  • Second, you should do complete on-page optimization for the business page only like what are all the services they are provided. don’t do the on-page optimization for remaining pages like contact us, about us, and road map, etc.,
  • The third thing is we should do complete off-page optimization to get backlinks and traffic to their website.
  • You should clearly explain to the client as six month time is taken to bring your website come on top position by doing SEO on-page and off-page optimization techniques.
  • You can charge 10000 per month for simple website limited pages and if it is a big website then you may ask 20000 per month to create unlimited pages and posts.
  • If they want to get leads then the best way is to go for Google ads.
  • Through the search network, if someone searches pest control then he will come on the top. By that, you can show that ad to at least 100 people.
  • In those 100 people, at least 10 people click that ad, and may 2 to 3 people may afford that service.
  • So you should add the contact form for every page to fill their detail to get more leads.
  • Once create a separate contact form then create one separate page as thankyou page for knowledge about who are all clicks the submit button.
  • Then only we can easily measure those who are all getting the service.
  • It will help to track the customer easily who visited your website and who bought the service.

Create a Remarketing campaign

It is the best way to track the visitor’s who are not buying your product or service but visit your website or product or service.

By that, we can target them to show your ad wherever they go and browse like browsing the website, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Gmail, etc.,

Social Media

social media is one of the most powerful tools for branding your business or service online. Show their post on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The remaining social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are less effective platforms for branding your business. So better go for Facebook and LinkedIn social media and promote your business.

Go for social media marketing because we can simply create brand awareness ads or create a website visit ads.

In Facebook marketing, the lead generation technique means you can get the leads through display image and someone clicks that image then we direct them to enter the details via lead generation form. But the social media lead generation is not quality leads.

The remarketing campaign on social media is also one of the main strategies to get a new customer.

If the client is asking to run the Email marketing then you may ask them to provide the list. If they provide then we can do it through the Mailchimp marketing tool.

Google analytics

  • First, we should check whether the website is linked with Google analytics or not and webmaster is enabled or not bye click SEO quake extension and click diagnosis option scroll down then you can view whether the website is linked with Google Analytics or not.
  • You can charge Rs.30,000 per month for basic website design, SEO on-page, and off-page optimization for the website, Google analytics, and Google webmaster.
  • If Some people ask only to run the Google ads then you may charge 5000 per month because that amount is maintaining for Google ads.
  • If their monthly budget is only 50000 then you may charge 5000 per month otherwise you can charge 10% of the advertisement budget for their budget is 2 lakh or above.


In this article, I have explained How to Create Effective Successful Digital Marketing Strategy in a detailed manner.

Definitely, this article will help you to how to create a digital marketing strategy and how to do a simple audit for existing websites to know about the website performance and it will help you to how to rank your website through that strategy.

If you are an SEO beginner then I recommend you to read our SEO on-page optimization techniques and SEO off-page optimization techniques to improve your website traffic.

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